Configuring a Windows computer from the ground up for security and stability – Part 3: The Browser Is Your OS

Part 3: The Browser Is Your OS

This section is dedicated to installing and configuring Google Chrome. Chrome is the most secure browser due to its strong sandbox technology that prevents malware escape and its very fast updating to fix problems. Firefox lacks the sandbox, and Microsoft Edge users have to wait for Microsoft to certify changes. Chrome is far more flexible.

9.) Install Google Chrome x64 Machine-Wide

Installing Chrome the normal way will give you a per-user, 32-bit install. This means the Chrome executables are in your profile and can be modified by a malicious program, and it doesn’t have extra security that Google only bakes into their Chrome 64bit version. In conversations with Chrome engineers, this is the version they recommend as being more resilient to attack and interference from other programs on your machine.

On this page, click “Download Chrome 64-bit MSI Package” and install.

If you already have Chrome installed, this will change it for you.

10.) Set Flash click-to-play

Adobe Flash was a technology widely required to play videos and games on the web in the early 2000’s. However, it is largely phased out because it slows browsing down and is a massive security hole. Most computer attacks come through Flash. Turning it off fixes all these problems. If for some reason a website needs it, you can quickly turn it on.

How to enable click-to-play for Flash

11.) Install uBlock Origin

The majority of web attacks come through malicious advertisements purchased by criminals and displayed on mainstream websites. You don’t have to be in a scummy part of the web, you can go to and get a malvertisement.

uBlock Origin is the fastest, most complete, and most reputable adblocking software available.

12.) Install HTTPS Everywhere

The EFF, a privacy advocacy organization, publishes a browser extension that automatically switches websites to HTTPS, which prevents people seeing what you’re doing, or messing with what appears on the page. This is critical for laptop users, and even desktop users benefit.

HTTPS Everywhere

For more information see our  website @


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